Data Acquisition

Optimal GEO uses a nation-wide network of airborne data acquisition partners with the capability to acquire airborne survey data from fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft using the most advanced sensors available.  Our platforms and sensors are based throughout the United States allowing us to mobilize quickly and cost-effectively to your project and our flight crews are experienced in data acquisition in congested airspace such as major cities (including the National Capital Region), large airports, and military bases. We have experience collecting airborne survey data for the creation of geospatial data products using the following technologies:

  • Indoor Mapping Services

Optimal Geo performs indoor mapping through the utilization of groundbreaking technology in conjunction with a highly skilled and agile team.  Ongoing projects incorporate a wide range of technologies, including GIS and CAD, as well as mobile LiDAR, to provide customers with accurate and complete information for indoor spaces.  Whether for space/facility/asset/workspace management, BIM, or MEP, our experienced team can conduct 3-dimensional facility utilization surveys.  Subsequent data is used to manage change, visualize space, as a centralized source of facility information, to allow and enhance collaboration, as well as for reporting and analysis.

  • Digital Aerial Photography

Optimal GEO acquires thousands of square miles of digital imagery annually using the latest in digital mapping camera technology from Leica Geosystems (DMC, ADS, and RCD30) and from Vexcel Imaging (UltraCam).  Our experience includes acquiring imagery with resolutions less than 5cm to greater than 30cm in complex airspace such airports, military installations, large cities, and the National Capital Region. 

  • Hyperspectral & Thermal Imagery

Optimal GEO has experience acquiring hyperspectral & thermal imagery using ITRES Research Limited’s hyperspectral sensors for agricultural & environmental monitoring, heat loss studies, wetland mapping, and coastal mapping.  

  • Airborne Topographic Lidar

Optimal GEO acquires thousands of square miles of airborne topographic Lidar data annually to support a variety of applications using the latest Lidar technology from Riegl, Leica, and Optech.  Some of the Lidar systems incorporate vertical (nadir) and oblique digital imagery sensors allowing for the simultaneous collection of imagery and Lidar.

  • Airborne Bathymetric Lidar

Optimal GEO staff has experience with collecting and processing data from different types of airborne bathymetric lidar sensors.  Our team has an in-depth understanding of bathymetric lidar processing techniques, and the parameters used during processing—the index of refraction, diffuse attenuation coefficient, surface selection, and so on. Optimal GEO personnel have continuously shown the use of creative processing methods throughout their bathymetric lidar careers, including automated routines to create products and deliverables in a more efficient manner. Our team has been designing successful processing workflows for bathymetric sensors since 1994 for varying sensors, including SHOALS, CHARTS, and CZMIL. 

  • Optimal GEO also maintains a land survey capability as well as having a network of land surveying partners to provide GPS and conventional surveying in support of photogrammetric and Lidar mapping projects.  Our licensed land surveyors ensure strict adherence to state laws.  Our crews can provide the following land surveying services:

-Topographic Surveys

-GPS Control Surveys

-Hydrographic Surveys

-Mobile & Terrestrial Laser Scanning