Lidar Mapping

Optimal GEO has been at the forefront of Lidar mapping since the mid 1990’s.  Our highly skilled staff has provided topographic & bathymetric Lidar products to support a number of applications to federal, state & local governments.  We average 20 Lidar mapping projects each year covering more than 5,000 square miles.

With access to the most technologically advanced airborne and mobile Lidar mapping sensors across the nation, Optimal GEO can provide our clients with high-density and high-quality topographic and bathymetric Lidar data to support a variety of applications such as:

  • Airborne Surveying (topographic & bathymetric mapping)

  • Topographic & Bathymetric Modeling

  • Flood Modeling

  • Coastline Mapping

  • Agriculture

  • Archeology

  • Forestry Management

  • Geology

  • Transportation

  • Utility Management

  • Wind Farm Development


Optimal GEO also partners with mobile & terrestrial laser scanning firms to provide our clients with very high density laser data to support:

  • Transportation Planning & Management

  • Seawall, Dam, and Jetty Inspections

  • Infrastructure Inventory

  • Bridge Structure & Overhead Clearance

  • Architecture

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)