Photogrammetric Mapping

The foundation for a successful, high quality photogrammetric mapping project lies with the careful planning of the aerial photography, LiDAR, land surveying or other data acquisition technology.  At Optimal GEO, ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrists and state-licensed Professional Land Surveyors carefully plan each project to meet your specifications and accuracy standards. 

Optimal GEO maintains a state-of-the-art production facility equipped with the latest photogrammetric hardware and software operated by highly trained and experienced photogrammetric mapping technologists who are supervised by ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrists.

Optimal GEO has provided small-scale and large-scale photogrammetric mapping projects to Government Agencies, Energy/Utility Companies, Airport and Transportation Authorities, and A-E Firms. 


Optimal GEO offers the following photogrammetric mapping services:

  • Stereo Compiled Planimetric & Topographic Mapping

    Optimal GEO has extensive experience in the collection of planimetric and topographic features using soft-copy stereo collection techniques.  Our highly-skilled photogrammetry technicians use the latest photogrammetric mapping software coupled with a customizable database to provide our clients with planimetric mapping data that meets their unique needs.

  • Digital Orthoimagery

    Optimal GEO processes over 5,000 square miles of digital orthophotography annually with the capability to process 3-band (RGB) or 4-band (RGBN) orthophotography.  Using SimActive’s Correlator3D software, we are able to quickly generate orthophotography from aerial triangulation to DEM development and finally to orthophotography production in a fast and efficient manner.  We visually inspect each orthophotography tile and correct seamline issues, DEM issues, smears, and other anomalies prior to delivery of the data.   

  • Volumetric Calculations & Cross Sections

    Optimal GEO has been providing volumetric calculations to clients throughout the US for decades.  These fast response projects provide them with stockpile calculations on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly).  The imagery is collected on a specified date and then processed to provide a photogrammetrically compiled DEM from which the calculations are made. 

  • Airport Obstruction Surveys

    Optimal GEO has performed multiple airport obstruction surveys using the latest FAA standards for airport surveying and geospatial services. These consist of geodetic surveys to establish control points and the collection and processing of aerial photography and Lidar data to collect airport feature including buildings, runways, obstructions, and roads, and the identification of vertical obstructions such as vegetation, transmission lines, towers, and buildings within the obstruction surface zones.

  • Utility & Corridor Mapping

Optimal GEO has provided photogrammetrically compiled planimetrics and topographic features to utilities across the country.  Our experience includes thousands of miles of surveyed data and processing (photo & Lidar) of corridor for electrical utilities and pipeline utilities throughout the United States and Canada.