Optimal GEO is a small business geospatial firm that specializes in executing a full range of geospatial services including Enterprise GIS, Mobile and Web GIS, GEOINT, LiDAR, Orthoimagery and Photogrammetric Mapping.

Photogrammetric Mapping

The foundation for a successful, high quality photogrammetric mapping project lies with the careful planning of the aerial photography, Lidar, land surveying or other data acquisition technology.  At Optimal GEO, ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrists and state-licensed Professional Land Surveyors carefully plan each project to meet your specifications and accuracy standards.

GIS Services

Our professionally certified team has a wide array of expertise in GIS production, database design and management, data modeling, image interpretation, feature extraction, geospatial analysis, multi-source data conflation, and cartography. We leverage our capability to develop software tools and automate processes to optimize production efficiency and improve product quality.

Lidar Mapping

Optimal GEO has been at the forefront of Lidar mapping since the mid 1990’s.  Our highly skilled staff has provided topographic & bathymetric Lidar products to support a number of applications to federal, state & local governments.  We average 20 Lidar mapping projects each year covering more than 5,000 square miles.


Data Acquisition

Optimal GEO uses a nation-wide network of airborne data acquisition partners with the capability to acquire airborne survey data from fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft using the most advanced sensors available.  Our platforms and sensors are based throughout the United States allowing us to mobilize quickly and cost-effectively to your project and our flight crews are experienced in data acquisition in congested airspace such as major cities (including the National Capital Region), large airports, and military bases.


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